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Once work began on the floor a relocation of the kitchen was necessary.  Base cabinets were extracted and moved to the far side of the pass thru wall (left, below).  Cramped conditions, but tolerable.

Temporary Kitchen and Dining Room Table

Same with the refrigerator; moved to the far side of the wall, opposite it's usual home.  Some of the wall cabinets remained behind as can be seen in the pass thru.

Temporary Kitchen Looking Toward Pass-Thru

And others were relocated to the fireplace.

Wall Cabinets on Floor in Front of Fireplace

Probably the biggest hassle was the lack of stove and dishwasher.  While a lovely pair, both were afunctional in their condition below.  The stainless does go well with the aluminum blinds and both are offset by the deep blue carpet with the leopard print ottoman as an accent piece.

A Pair of Cylons