Colorado 2008


Kelly went to camp, Babs went for a group horse back ride and I went climbing with my friend Patrik Larsson in Eldo.  On The Bastille we did Hair City (5.9R), although finished with a fairly easy 8 roof.  Pat and I met a soloist after topping out.  We chatted a bit then he scrambled down.  We were a bit slower. 

Once we were down on the trail, behind the Bastille buttress, changing our shoes the same guy came staggering along, his face and head completely covered in blood.  His hands and arms, crimson to his elbows; rivulets of blood ran down his neck, chest and shoulders.  He was conscious and aware, but appeared stunned.  A deep cut extended along the center of his forehead from hairline to eyebrows. He sat down in the shade and, after talking to him for a few minutes, we left him when he insisted he was ok.

We hiked down the talus to our packs.  While eating lunch another climber passed us and said he saw the injured soloist and was going for help.  I was getting worried and considered hiking back up to check on the situation.  Having been relieved of any rescue responsibilities we headed off to find another climb.

Next came the first pitch of Werk Supp.  While Pat was leading, the sheriff and fire department arrived and littered the guy down.  The story, relayed from the rescuers, was that he fell “at the pine tree” on the descent after soloing the Bastille.  Since he down-climbed in sneakers he probably slipped and banged his head.  More on the story here.

Later we drove further into the park and a set a TR on Supremacy Rock and did Supremacy Slab (9) and an unnamed 10a.  Both on a low-angle, tile-smooth slab and were very hard at the end of a long day.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Babs was horseback riding...

Oreo: The Trusty Steed

Some Scenery

Same Mountain, Farther Away

Riding Tall In The Saddle

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Eldorado Canyon (June 24th 2008)