Colorado 2008


Lane Guest Ranch

Having had so much fun during last year’s trip to the Lane Guest Ranch we decided to make an encore appearance.  That, and every other vacation we’ve taken since Kelly was born was -- challenging.


The flight was mostly uneventful, which is pretty much the best one can expect from air travel.  Left early, arrived on time, rented car in Denver and drove to the ranch.  Arrived around 4pm.  Partook of the late afternoon buffet for new arrivals (most guests stay Sunday to Sunday).  The Sunday dinner special was the same as last year, as were all the daily specials.  Took advantage of our private, outdoor hot tub (when given the option, always get the private outdoor hot tub).

It’s good to see that there’s a little bit of New York City in every town (just outside of the Ranch).

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Arrival (July 22nd 2008)