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I've been away (from blogging) for a few days doing some non-kitchen related activities. Preparing for an interview being the most important.

After much procrastination the backsplash has begun. I started in an area with the smallest run so I could get a feel for what I'd be up against. We choose 1 inch mosaic tiles on a 12x12 nylon mesh. My biggest fear was that the panels wouldn't stick to the wall, but that proved to be unfounded.


Backsplash (sans grout)

In the above it's not clear whether I should stop the run at the cabinet edge or the pass-thru. The pass-thru and surrounding walls will eventually be painted to match the grout; probably grey. Comments are welcome.

Backsplash Closeup 

It looks like there's white grout here, but it's just an optical illusion. As you can see I managed to get things reasonably straight.